Communication Behaviour Of The Customer Service Representative

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Communication is the transfer of messages from one individual to another (Davies, 2016, slide 4). It is an effective usage of teamwork and delivery of customer service (Leonard, Graham & Bonacum, 2004). Thus, effective communication skills can positively impact a customer service relationship. This essay analyses the communication behaviour of the customer service representative (CSR). The paper, explains why the behaviour was inappropriate/ inadequate and how it had a negative impact on the customer service relationship. The essay also analyses the four different types of communication behaviours rapport, active listening, empathy and respect.

Rapport building can often be defined as the quality relationship between two people (Gremler & Gwinner, 2008). This can be categorised into four sections attentive behaviour, imitative behaviour, courteous behaviour and common grounding behaviours (Gremler & Gwinner, 2008). These sections play their own role in rapport building. However, the attentive behaviour is believed to be a strong link in rapport building (Tickle-Degnen & Rosenthal, 1990).

Attentive behaviour is believed to be the highest rapport-building factor (Gremler & Gwinner, 2008). Rapport building is created when there is mutual attentiveness between the two individuals (Gremler & Gwinner, 2008). Hence, research shows that it is essential to be attentive when developing a strong rapport with your clientele. However, imitative behaviour is also vital in order to…

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