Communication As A Effective Communication Essay

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Communication has been an ever-changing process with the invention of various technologies and the different social medium. Communication in the workforce for the most part has remained the same among co-workers despite the myriad of technological advances and outlets for communication. In my company for example, communication amongst employee is lacking in many ways and for a number of different reasons. There are people within the company at the very same office location that have never exchanged a word with someone outside their immediate department. There are others who are completely unaware of the company’s developments, news and updates and even internal job postings. This issue can be attributed to factors other than communication such as lack of care for the company beyond the scope of their immediate jobs , poor information flow down from those in managerial positions and employees simply not wanting to socialize on the job, . The main reason for this lack of effective communication in my company is the absence of different mediums of communication other than the usual office phone and intercom system. To fix this error, I am proposing that we implement an open Facebook page as a means of developing effective communication for the corporation through the creation of casual yet professional relationships amongst employee.
At the present time, the company’s method of communication is via email and the occasional phone calls. Most of the time, co-workers are overly…

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