Colombo Reading Response 1 Essay

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Sabrina Choung
Professor Boeck
RWS 200
February 6, 2015
Reading Responses Colombo Pg. 139-140
1. Moore provides evidence to support his contention that America is a nation of idiots by stating, “There are forty-four million Americans who cannot read and write above a fourth grade level –in other words, who are functional illiterates” (Colombo 122) and also explains how he feels as if America wants to keep individuals “stupid” and “ignorant” (Colombo 123). I do agree with his statement that there are many people who cannot read higher than a fourth grade level, but I do not believe that America wants to keep the public as being “idiots.” Many individuals are college dropouts and even high school dropouts in my opinion, but that does not
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However, companies such as Channel One Television are awful for students because several students spend time in their classrooms watching this channel instead of learning from the teachers. For example, Moore asserts that, “Kids are spending the equivalent of six full school days a year watching Channel One” (Colombo 136) where most of the time ads are on that channel. Therefore, students would be wasting time mostly watching ads instead of learning. I see possible conflicts of interest arising in relation to the following kinds of corporate/ school collaboration such as obesity, students paying more attention to sports than school work, advertising is more than the actual contents of the books, and cable TV leading to students watching other channels than the channels they are required to watch. However, I also see good ideas that may come from these ideas, such as more student involvement with sports or clubs, and better labs/libraries for students to use. I believe that corporations should play the role of assisting schools with their financial needs and donating any goods with programs like “Box Tops”. I believe this is the best role corporations can play because then students and the school both benefit from the

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