College Vs. College Athletes Essay example

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After their senior year, many students face the unique opportunity to attend a prestigious college or university. Many factors go into their decision making process such as: tuition, distance, and fields of study. With all of that taken into account many students still have one criteria to be met before they make their decision and that, put simply, is college proficiency in the sports. With that knowledge, many college administrations seek out the best players and try to entice them dreams of money, fame and grandeur that will come after combining a free (or reduced) college education and playing for their particular program. So with that being said, student athletes play an essential role to college and universities by developing leadership, confidence, discipline and teamwork for the college. The relationship between college and athlete however is not one sided; college athletes generate revenue, build the reputation, and make contributions to society/community and their institution.
From community colleges to division I institutes, many athletes fail to garner even one penny towards their education based off of the merit of their athletic prowess. This is especially true for division III athletes whose colleges have outrageous tuition but do not offer athletic scholarships and the academic cash is heavily contested. Their upper level brethren do not fare any better when on average on an average 150 man squad, just about half receive any aid at all let alone a full…

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