Essay about College Tuition

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Essay #1: College Tuition

Education is a very important resource to people of all races, origins and religions. The U.S. government should pay for two years of college tuition for every U.S. Citizen who graduates from an American High School to show how education in the United States has a high impact on the job market. At this current time it is imperative for parents to ensure their children are prepared for the reality ahead. The U.S. government currently funds many different programs to help those in need of resources for shelter and a means of helping to care for families, but there is not much help available in terms of education. Although America is a free country and the government is far more lenient than other countries, the
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This is the reason many American students are in debt with the government for taking out student loans for college and only completing a semester or two and unable to re-pay the loans. The student does not graduate from college as they are not able to pay for the courses and the books. The loans are too much and there are no funds available from family members to help with the cost of education. The downfall of the economy and past happenings with stock has left the wealthy families questioning how they will budget to pay for education. This has affected many Americans and the effect will be seen in future years to come. Therefore, I am all for the government’s support of paying for the first two years of college for all graduating American students in the United States.
Education is the way to every American’s future and the dream for all who want success in life. This shows the importance of launching a project to set a new standard showing the importance of education and the reasons the government should pay for the first two years of college tuition. College leaders should also offer to help with this educational launching as they will gain enrollment on university campuses and increase the college funding with an insurmountable number of students interested in attending the university. At the same time, these college leaders should discuss with their other management how effective this could be and to incorporate ways to

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