College Technical ( Unit 01- Communication And Employability Skills

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Cambridge Technical (Unit 01- Communication and employability skills for IT)

Self-motivation – This means when you motivate yourself to do something, without motivate from other colleagues.
This would be important to the IT employer, so the employees can motivate themselves without motivation from others. For example, you do a task on your own, so you don’t have to rely on someone else. Also if the employee doesn 't have self motivation they wouldn’t want to employ someone that doesn 't do the work on time.

Leadership qualities- This means you as a person have the qualities to lead a group of people. So you would be motivating them so they get their work done and
This is important to the IT employer so that they know you can handle a group of people, motivating them, so they work more efficiently. They would get work done faster and at a high standard. Also the employer would have to worry about the work because their relying on the person with good leadership.

Respect- This means when you treat people nicely so you wouldn 't talk/ treat to anyone badly. If you respect someone they would respect you back.
This is important to the IT employer because they don’t want to employ someone that treats people bad. Also IT technician would be working in schools so the school needs an employee that is respectful around children and talks to teacher respectfully.

Dependability- This means when people trust you and rely on you because they know you can get the work done.
This is…

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