College Pressures : Writing Project Essay

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College Pressures: Writing Project #2

In William Zinsser’s essay, “College Pressures,” he discusses four main pressures college students have in the 1970’s: Economic, parental, peer, and self-induced pressures. Zinsser is the person students see to ask “how they are going to get through the rest of their lives.” He explains that there’s no map to career security, financial security, social security, etc... He wants students to explore their education and to not stick to a strict schedule. Zinsser tells students to experiment with their education, but he perceives that Americans don’t like to state that failure is an option and only achievement is accepted. Zinsser describes four types of pressures that students go through during college in the 1970’s. I believe that all the pressures still exist in the college world today, if not more.
He states that in the late 1960’s a dean told him that there were a few questions students would always ask him: “Why is there so much suffering in the world” or “How can I make a contribution?” Modern students now ask, “Do you think it would be better for getting into law school if I did a double major in history and political science, or just majored in one of them.” This pattern is consistent with many other colleges. Students always ask questions. Some students only care about their grades and how it will look in the business world. Students look at their transcripts as a passport to security. Students are thinking that it is more…

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