Essay about College Is Worth All The Investment Of Money, And Time

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Now is a college degree worth it? Worth all the investment of money, and time? It’s been a huge conversational debate in America for a lengthy amount of time now. Many people have spoken on their sides with those saying that it isn’t worth it, and then there are those who deem it worthy and essential. Yet, many disagree with them. Even though the rising cost of a college education is sky rocketing, it’s worth the rising cost. However, many people still believe that college is unnecessary and deem it as unworthy of our time and money. They think college is very important in todays methods to become successful. If people don’t begin to see why it’s essential and fail to attend college, then the U.S. may have dim days coming because we could be doomed if we don’t act.
The opposition here believes that college isn’t essential or worth the investment due to many reasons that are valid. They express concerns over the crippling student debt crisis this nation faces and many other issues such as the concern about topics like unemployment, underemployment, and etc. Over the year they have used statistics and personal experiences attribute to their stance.
Student loan debt in the United States grew to over $1.2 trillion and tuition increases continued at nearly triple the rate of inflation. $1.2 trillion dollars is astronomical. Along with the $1.2 trillion dollars in student debt amongst college graduates, just about 70% of the class of 2014 owe an average of $33,000 in federal and…

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