Essay On Why Is A College Education Really Worth It

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The last semester of senior year in high school can be very overwhelming. After all, one has to make the important decision whether to attend college or not. In essence, this is the time where most high school students begin to think about what exactly they want to do with their lives as they ask themselves, “Is a college education truly worth it.” For a vast majority of them, they decide to go to because they feel pressured by their high school counselors and parents telling them that “it’s the right thing to do.” So, is college really truly worth it? This is a question numerous understudies begin to ask as college expenses builds and employments get harder, and harder to get. Albeit, Getting admitted into a decent university is an incredible …show more content…
One of the strongest claims put forth is by author Brooke Berger on a U.S. News article titled “Why a College Degree May Not be Worth it.” Berger first begins explaining how students are forced to complete classes for general education requirements to accumulate credits on courses that are not necessarily used within ones career. For example, an art class for mathematics major. This, however, means that a student pursuing any declared major will take longer to graduate and ultimately “waste” more money because of the amount of unnecessary classes they are required to take. In addition, Berger goes on to say that more Americans are heading off to college than any other time in recent history. However, today, numerous graduates are covered paying off debtors with few occupation prospects. Therefore, college is a waste of time and money. By way of contrasts, Dr. Maria Robledo Montecel PhD. president and CEO of the Intercultural Development Research Association in San Antonio, claims otherwise and argues that higher education has been one of the only effective ways to get out of poverty. Understudies with an advanced education have gone farther than the individuals who either left school before graduation or earned just high school diploma. In addition, author Jennifer Werts author of an online article titled “General Education Courses: Not a Waste of Time” claims that general education courses can indeed be very beneficial if one has not yet decided a major. Say, for instance, one exceeded expectations at math and history in high school; however, one might not be precisely sold on submitting four years to either subject. General instruction courses open the mind to a wide mixture of subjects, going from geography to human studies to show. During these general courses, one will see that the mixture of courses an individual can take is much more extensive in extension than what one might have

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