College Is The Most Important Part Of One 's Education Essay example

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Not surprisingly, college is the most important part of one 's education. Furthermore, education is incredibly important to each and every one of us. I see the immense importance in education because without education, chaos reigns. Because of this, all Americans need to attend college because college gives one the best opportunity to be successful in life. There are many pathways through the educational system. However, the pathway does not stop at the end of high school. The road to knowledge travels right through high school and into college. Without a college education, an education is not complete. The importance of college is difficult to even imagine. The Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States Department Of Labor released a study that revealed that in October 2015, a total of 69.2 percent of high school graduates enrolled in colleges. Sadly, this is a number much too small. People need to realize the great importance of a college education, and sadly, only 69.2 percent of high school graduates in 2015 realized that. There are a plethora of advantages that a college education offers to an individual, that a high school education does not. There are a great many advantages to going to college that goes far beyond the additional education that one may receive. For example, in college, lifelong friends are formed, and without attending college, these friendships would never have been developed. Furthermore, meeting fellow students or…

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