Essay about College Is The Cost Of College

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The cost of college continues to rise, and students and families’ ability to pay for college continues to fall. College is no different than most goods in the United States, which have recently seen an increase in price as most families have seen a decrease in their ability to afford said goods. The solution may seem obvious: accept that college is unaffordable, just like an expensive steak, and leave it for those who can afford it. Unfortunately, college is unlike a filet mignon in that there are viable alternatives to eating steak, and there are not viable alternatives to attending college. Someone who cannot afford steak can eat chicken or a hamburger and be just as full with just as much protein. However, college is not substitutable because it is such a unique, irreplaceable opportunity and privilege. A college education provides students with an opportunity to become more self-sufficient, well-rounded and knowledgeable individuals: a potential they will never realize without attending college. Although a college education is invaluable, educational institutions overvalue the cost of college and should lower their costs to provide liberty and equality of opportunity for prospective students. While the cost of attending college and the wage gap between college graduates and high school graduates have increased, the prestige of attending college has remained fundamental in American society. From John F. Kennedy’s brief application essay explaining the pride of being a…

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