Essay on College Is The Best Option For High School

915 Words Jan 28th, 2016 4 Pages
From the time that a child starts school, the educator’s job is to prepare them for the next step. When that student gets to high school, the question then becomes, “What’s next?” Many people dream of going off to college. With going to college comes leaving your guardian’s home, partying, and being solely responsible for yourself. But what happens when you’re presented with the option of staying home and trading your initial dream of going to a university, for community college? Although it may seem like the worst option or a downgrade to going off to a university, the fact remains, going to a community college is the best option for high school graduates. Whether they are rich or poor, many parents alike encourage their children to go to college. Some see it as their way out or as a way to make it in the world. Some see it as a tradition or that attending a certain college is something that just runs in the family. Whatever the reason may be, at a young age children imagine going to a university. They will begin to dream and proclaim where they want to spend their post high school educational careers. Something that is very uncommon is hearing a child rant about how badly they want to attend a community college. Community colleges have a bad reputation for being the last resort option. Students typically won’t choose going to a community college until things are looking grim where universities are concerned. These same students often times overlook the bright sides to…

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