Essay about College Is Not For College

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College is not meant for everyone in my opinion. Everyone has their own path in life and although education is very important, you do not always need a university to help you get where you want to be. To argue that every American should go to college is a brave statement. If every American graduated from college what would that mean exactly? Not everyone needs a degree nor should they believe one is necessary in order to have a bright future. Call me somewhat hypocritical or call me a parent just prepping her kids for another four years of schooling. I remind my kids often how important college is. Although I do not believe everyone needs it. Why do my kids need it? Well, maybe they don’t. If I find out my son has a niche for a trade then trade school it is. If my daughter has a passion for hair then that’s her calling. In his writing Leonhardt states, “Education helps people do higher skilled work, get better jobs with better with better paying companies or open their own business”. Although there can be tons of truth to that, there are exceptions. I know personally tons of business owners who never went to college. I know plenty of people who are talented in areas and have utilized their talent into profit. Graffiti artist who have taken their skills and developed clothing lines or open their own tattoo shop. All very successful people with no college what so ever. When I was in High School, all my mother ever said to me was “Tracey,…

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