College Is Not Cheap? Essay

1028 Words Mar 11th, 2016 null Page
Vast amounts of debt and scarce job opportunities are two main issues that college students face in the modern world. Student loan debt in the U.S. has recently surpassed one trillion dollars, leaving students to wonder whether a higher education is worth the cost. Although the costs depend on whether the college or university is public or private, all forms of college education are expensive. The U.S. already funds public colleges and universities through tax revenues. Through this program, the American government can prevent the costs of higher education from rising. The U.S. government should subsidize colleges and universities in order to improve the economy. College is not cheap. According to Matthew Willie (2012), an editor of the Brigham Young University Law Review, the cost of attending Harvard University was around $39,489 per year in 2011. In addition to the tuition rate hike, the cost of attending a four-year university has increased by at least five hundred percent since 1986. In 2011, there was a rate hike of twenty-one percent for four-year universities and a thirty-seven percent rate hike for junior colleges in California. If rates continue to increase in this manner, higher education will only be an option for the wealthy. Therefore, employers will have workers who do not possess the necessary critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, and educational background for their specific occupation. Furthermore, many Americans know that college…

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