College Is A Tough Place Essay

1339 Words Apr 17th, 2016 6 Pages
College is a tough place to be. It is expensive and not many people can afford it. College has all the different groups, the nerds, the populars, and the athletes. The athletes do have an advantage over most of the other college students in school though. Athletes mostly have all of their college paid off and live debt free. Most of these college athletes will want to become a professional one day, but some use the scholarship to their advantage to help in school. College athletes are some of the most intense players in all of amateur and professional sports. These college players are even sometimes better than some professional player in their prime time in college. These college players play their hearts out to make it professionally, so that they can eventually get paid for doing something they love. These athletes receive many awards over their college careers and can earn scholarships for college, but as far as playing they are not allowed to be paid at all. The payment that they do receive while in college is the scholarship which could mean free college. Although a lot of people agree that college athletes should be paid, there are many studies that show why these players should not be receiving any additional money from colleges. College players shouldn’t be paid because they are not considered employees. People try to argue saying they are, but they are not allowed to even be treated as an employee. Even the NCAA states this, “…in accordance with courts that have…

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