Essay on College Hall South ( Chs )

1488 Words Jun 21st, 2016 null Page
Sophomore year I lived in College Hall South (CHS), one of the new buildings that went up. The class of 2017 (that’s my class) was the first to get to live in there so we got the untouched, unsoiled, fresh haven. We also got the unfixed glitches (fire alarms for days mehn -_-) but still CHS was awesome. I had the best roomie- her name is Maimuna. Maimuna is a hijabi- a muslim woman who covers her hair. A lot of people were actually kinda shocked that I chose to room with her. They assumed I’d have issues with her because of our different religions. It was a time in Nigeria when there were a lot of extremist Islamic terrorists attacks and people were being cautious and a little prejudiced so they had concerns about me rooming with an obviously devout muslim. My parents were cool with it and I was cool with it and Maimuna turned out to be amazing. She respected my space and I respected hers and we got along really well. When I agreed to be roommates with her I didn’t even think about the fact that she was so different from me in ways other than our religion. I mean our dress sense was different in the sense that I would wear my shorts and she was more into flowing shirts and floral prints. I saw past her religion and our differences and saw a really sweet girl that I thought I would get along with. She apparently also saw past my sometimes really bold fashion choices and my religion and saw someone she would be cool living with for a year. She’s a diehard One…

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