Essay about College Grades Are More Satisfied With Their Jobs

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As Andrea Caumont clarifies a point in her research “6 Key Finding about Going to College,” “College grades are more satisfied with their jobs.” In college, especially in these days, students who finished their studying in college are finding “themselves on a career path, rather than just working at a job to get them by” (Caumont). From this point, students who are doing well in college’s life, and who are responsible for themselves in organizing their time, their work, and their life, too, are successful in their lives, also, with two years’ degree from colleges, 73% of people have found a career with it, and 43% of them were getting benefits at their jobs from their educations. Brain O’Keeney, a writer who writes an article “How to Make It in College, Now That You 're Here,” talks about how to be successful at college for anyone who will enter it. In the same fashion, Jaime O 'Neill, an English teacher, reports “If the Dog Ate Your Homework, Read This,” warns students for not being serious in taking classes in college. In O’Keeney’s and O’Neill’s articles, both of them express students in responsibilities ' life at college, and that benefit students in being mature.
In fact, both texts encourage students in challenging their responsibility. O’Keeney’s advice encourages students to challenge themselves for success. In writing about “How to Make It in College,” O’Keeney mentions ways and tips on being successful and responsible at college, which make students know steps in…

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