College Essay : The College Catch

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The College Catch
Americans today often consider college an ultra-important stepping stone to success. Ivy League schools and top-notch tech schools have morphed into prerequisites for financial success and prestigious status symbols. For many students grades, standardized test scores, and even extracurricular activities all revolve around the need to enroll in a good college. Even board games hint college is absolutely necessary. Few players win the game LIFE without a college job card. After all, many of LIFE’s college graduates have twice the income of their degreeless competitors. But do college graduates actually perform better than their less educated peers? Do bachelor degree holders from big name schools actually earn more money than two year community college graduates? When evaluating prospective colleges and future careers, students must carefully analyze their goals to avoid becoming straddled with damaging debt and few job opportunities.
Unfortunately, student loan debt has damaged the financial stability of many Americans. Detailing the rise of student debt, The Institute for College Access & Success reports sixty-nine percent of students borrow funds to pay for their education. In 2014 graduating seniors who borrowed money owed an average of $28,950 (“Project”). Of course, if college degrees ensured six digit salaries, than the debt would be almost inconsequential. Sadly, after all their hard work and sacrifices, bachelor degree holders only make an average of…

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