College Drop Out Of College Essay

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College Drop Out
College is a very exciting time is a young adult’s life. It is a big accomplish to have graduated and get accepted into either a community college or a four-year university. When first attending college, a person never expects to drop out; it is basically the furthest thing from their mind. So why are there so many college students dropping out of school? There are many of different reason that cause students to drop out but the most common are money, stress, and just life itself.
The first common cause of students dropping out of college is their financial situation.
According to Eduardo Porter, from the New York Times, “The rising cost of college looms like an insurmountable obstacle for many low-income American hoping to get a higher education.”
There are some students who can’t afford the cost of college. They don’t qualify for financial aid or loans for one reason or another so they drop out. If a student does qualify for financial aid sometimes they have to take out student loans to cover books and living expenses. Some people aren’t comfortable taking out loans, so they choose to drop out. Majority of low-income students get jobs to support themselves on a day to day basis. It is hard just being a full-time student alone and adding a part-time job makes it twice as hard. Jenna Johnson from the
Washington post stated,” When these students decided to drop out, 70 percent said they did so because they needed to work to support themselves; other reasons…

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