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Personal Statement A college campus is teeming with young, inspired individuals ready to take on the world. A college campus is also where you can find a plethora of students who are not going to take their studies seriously, and will inevitably abuse their freedoms. As a student who is safely in the inspired individuals category, I am confident when I say I will be an academic, athletic, and extracurricular benefit to any campus. I have much to offer and benefit the college community, not just through my academic interest as many students try to and do. Besides the obvious and most important aspect of education at the next level (education itself), there is almost always a competitive athletic system that draws to many students. On top my …show more content…
During my highschool career I have maintained a 4.0 GPA, while taking classes that challenge me and keep me involved, like honor or AP courses. I’ve received awards for being on the Principal Honor Roll since the sixth grade, and I plan on graduating as one of the Valedictorians of my class. My academics and studies have proven to be very important to me over the years. I am willing to put in the time, hard work, and effort to achieve my goals. No matter how hard the course, or how much homework there is. I can offer to any campus an attentive, immersed, and energetic student. I love to learn new things, and school has always been one of my main interests. My dad has always stressed the importance of academics before anythings else in your life. Getting an education is more important than getting that athletic scholarship, or anything else for that matter. I am interested in participating in an honor program during my time at college, which I think is another thing that displaces me from the average college student. Obviously, I will benefit a college campus through my …show more content…
Everything that I have been through, experienced, and accomplished in my short eighteen years has something to benefit a little bit of almost every part of the college community. Taking my studies as seriously as I do certainly isn 't going to hurt anyone, and will in the end benefit me tremendously. Getting involved with music, art, or with a religious group on top of being a student athlete has to be the epitome of being involved. Being involved either collegiately, or on the club side, being an athlete doesn 't change. Being involved around campus is after all being involved, not matter it is for. From being academically involved to being apart of athletics, to joining a religious group on campus, I want to be involved in a broad array of activities to get the fullest and most worthwhile experience possible. I think with being involved with as many things as I am, especially at the level to which I am involved in will benefit any college

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