Essay College Attendance Should Not Be Required

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The difference between an option and a decision is that an option is a thing that is or may be chosen; whereas a decision is a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration. While the two are similar in a various amount of ways, they are very different. For example, a college student that pays thousands of dollars to attend a specific college made the decision to sign up for that class, but that particular person has the option on whether or not to go. By attending the class, although not mandatory, exemplifies the qualities of independence and self-discipline. From a young age through teen years, kids mostly discuss the need for freedom: freedom from parents, freedom from rules, freedom from responsibility. College holds some of the previously listed qualities, but taking advantage of these qualities can cause a loss of privileges. College attendance should not be required, but is imperative to the overall outcome of the experience and essential to the ethical teachings college attendance will display. Education is often said to be valued amongst high school students, but once the child is off into the real world the real value begins to take place. Attendance in a college class is weighed into your overall grade for the class upon the instructor 's consent. Not going and participating in classroom activities is almost like getting a hundred dollar bill then flushing the money down the toilet. Attendance should not be mandatory due to the fact that those…

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