College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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To pay or not to pay? College athletics brings in a lot of money for colleges, but the topic of whether college athletes should be paid or not is quite controversial. There are many reasons that people are against college athletes being paid. College athletes should not be paid because they get compensation for their time, the money to pay them is not there, and college athletes are amateurs, not professionals. College athletes are given scholarships to participate in intercollegiate athletics. Schools that are members of the NCAA give out athletic scholarships worth about 1.5 billion dollars per year (Lewis and Williams). An athletic scholarship can also be used along with an academic scholarship, so college athletes could possibly get all of their schooling paid for through the school they are going to. Athletes receive scholarships that most times cover their tuition, so they are getting paid to play through a scholarship and getting a degree that will make them money for the rest of their lives (Majerol 15). Law professors concluded that college athletes are given compensation through scholarships (Cooper 13). College athletes getting paid would change the financial situations in many colleges and …show more content…
College athletes should not be paid because they are compensated for the time they put in through the athletic scholarship. Since they are amateurs, they can’t be paid extra on the side, and some athletes feel that they had a quality experience by being in college athletics. Paying college athletes would have an effect on more than just the athletes getting the paycheck because the money would have to come through increased tuition and cutting funding for other sports. Ultimately, there are two sides to this argument. The question is, which side are you

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