Essay about College Affordability : Should College Be Free?

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College Affordability: Should College be Free? One of the major issues of higher education, is the price. It is no secret that the cost of college can affect whether a student attends or not. Pricey tuition can, often, scare students with the potential to become future leaders away. However, in many cases, cheaper prices mean poor and inferior quality. If we make universities entirely free, the quality of the education would be comprised. In “Is College Doomed?” Graeme Wood informs us of Minerva, an online university that reformed higher education by mainly removing the unnecessary, reducing the cost of their tuition. Barbara Dudley, the founder of the Oregon Working Families Party which helped confront student debt, explains the benefits of paying tuition costs after graduation in her article, “The Oregon College Tuition Plan is a Desperate Measure for Desperate Times.” Similarly, blogger Joe Mihalic, explores the Oregon Plan in his essay, “Oregon’s Tuition Plan Would Penalize Industrious Students.” College should not be free, but economical. To ensure affordability without compromising quality education, colleges should provide advanced entrance exams and remove unnecessary fees imposed on students, while permitting students to pay their tuition cost after graduation.
In-person rigorous entrance exams should be implemented in the college admission process. Some high school graduates are not prepared for the demands of higher education. I took one year to prepare for and…

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