Essay about Coles' Human Resources Management Report

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Coles’ Human Resource Management Evaluation Report

This report illustrates two key HRM strategies used by Coles Supermarkets-Reward Management and Performance Management. The core competence and business goal of Coles are elaborated and the room for improvement have been identified, whereby Reward management and its implementation have been critically analysed to bridge the gap between their operational loss (weakness) and optimum performance (desired goal). Likewise, the method in which Performance Management is used by Coles to lead their employees to work both efficiently and effectively has been analysed. Performance Management is a useful tool to evaluate and ensure employee activities line up with the organisation’s
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2.2 Internal factors After the 2007 global financial crisis (GFC), Wesfarmers decided to introduce British executives into their company, which lead to a new workplace culture at Coles. Wesfarmers recruited Ian Mcleod as Managing Director at Coles in May 2008 since he possessed extensive experience in the British and European retailing, including senior executive roles at the United Kingdom retailer Asda, where he played a key role in the recovery and turnaround program during the 1990s. Some growth strategies have been implied after new managers join Coles, including renewed investment in value, stronger supplier partnerships, improved quality and simpler range, bringing new coles brand design, leveraging supply chain, investment in team members, newer and bigger stores and existing store refurbishment etc. These strategies affect the operations of Coles, more employees will be needed, different skills will be needed to achieve the strategies.
After applying these strategies, Coles achieved strong earnings growth of 16.3% to $1,356 million. (Wesfarmers Limited 2012) Savings generated through improved operating efficiencies supported continued price reinvestment, driving growth in volumes. The continued renewal refurbishment program and the improvement of the store network benefited performance.
In the coming year, the business will continue to ‘drive the Coles difference’ by

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