The Importance Of Human Resources In The Twenty-First Century

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Fashion Forward, a small but rapidly growing company, has operated in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, for two years. April Miller, president of the company, is considering expanding the business nationwide. This expansion would require the hiring of many new employees across the United States, and she has concerns about employees working together and the offices running smoothly. Miller authorized research to be conducted on the subject of human resources in the twenty-first century and what its effects in the workplace can be.
Purpose of the Study The purpose of this report is to inform employees how important human resources are in the twenty first century. Answers to the following questions are provided:
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What is the importance of Human Resources Management?
2. What are the challenges Human Resource professionals face?
3. How are
4. Human Resources beneficial in the twenty first century?
5. What are the main functions of a Human /resource Department?
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Having several human resources disciplines means they all at one time follow one of more of the essential functions needed. Employment specialists also known as recruiters are measured on the time it takes them to fill the positions available, and how quickly they do so. Recruiters that are in house and not contracted bring more to the table including job postings, screen applicants, conduct preliminary interviews, and coordinate hiring efforts with managers responsible for making the final decision of who to hire. Second safety is a very important factor. One of the main responsibility of human resource is supporting the workplace safety training while maintaining federally mandated logs for injuries and fatalities that happen in the workplace (Mayhew, 2016). Employee relations is the function dealing with strengthening the employer-employee relationship by measuring job satisfaction, employee engagement, and resolving workplace

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