Human Resource Management Department Analysis

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A company 's success is largely dependent on the Human Resource Management Department (HRMD). Every company that employs a large amount of people, most likely has a department that handles personnel. The HRMD has many functions. I will elaborate on three of these functions which are; recruitment of personnel, training and development, and performance appraisals. Each of these function works in conjunction with each other and other function to help the company become successful through the people that are employed there.

Recruitment of personnel

Recruiting personnel is more commonly referred to as hiring. The process of recruiting starts with attracting the right candidates for the job. How do companies attract the right candidates?
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The majority of the companies that use them say that it is a way to reward individual performance. Compensation can be tied to the performance appraisal by way of a reward system. This is arguably the best way to determine if the performance of an employee should be rewarded. It reminds me of the Lincoln Electric Company and the reward system that they have set up. In the past the appraisal system was used to help in the improvement of employees. Along with improvement, the appraisal if used in employment decisions such as promotions, demotions, and releasing and employees. Appraisals are typically given annually, but can given bi-annually, quarterly, monthly, or even shorter. If used for helping employees improve performance, employees can see faster results if the appraisals are given in shorter periods. The Army uses a monthly performance appraisal system for the junior Soldiers to help them develop quicker. There are reasons people are not in favor of the performance appraisal. One of the main reasons is that the appraisal is subjective. The appraisal of two employees can differ based on the relationship that they have with their supervisor, despite them have the same performance. The other negative aspect of the appraisal is the perception that employees have. I never had a Soldier that looked forward to their monthly performance appraisal. Even though I gave them feedback throughout the month so that they would not have to wait til the end of the month to see where they need to improve, they knew that anything that I had observed during the month would be brought up at the end of the month. Appraisal are a good thing if they can be used fairly and as an aid to improvement. Used for any other purposes, the appraisal can bring down moral and

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