Coleman Art Museum Essay

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The problem:

The problem with Coleman Art Museum is the inability to produce any revenue from the past three years as well as the company had gone into their financial reserves in order to cover costs from losses.

Company overview:

The Coleman Art Museum (CAM) is a nonprofit corporation located in Universal City, which is a large metropolitan area in the western United States. CAM was founded in 1925, it was originally named Fannel county Museum of Fine Arts. But in 2000 the name was changed to Jonathon A. Coleman Art Museum in order to pay tribute to large sum of money that Coleman had left to the museum. CAM shows both Art and history and offers a very unique perspective on both. Attendance has shown to be
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CAM is focusing on increasing the numbers of visitors because they think it lead to in-creased membership; Mercer’s staff has historically focused its efforts on increasing the traffic through the museum. “Social, cultural, and educational activity in the museum is a major goal, and is not exclusive to the viewing of art,” said Mercer. These efforts can be separated into general and outreach programs and programs involving special exhibitions and events.

Museum membership and the revenue earned from membership play significant roles in the success and daily operations of CAM. The museum and its members have a symbiotic relationship. Members provide the museum with a volunteer base, without which the cost of operation would be astronomical.

“Recruiting new members and renewing existing members is a major undertaking,” said Mercer. While some recruiting and renewals occur at the museum during visitation, the recruitment effort mostly revolves around mail, telephone, and personal solicitations. Mail and telephone solicitations focus primarily on recruiting and renewing personal memberships in the $ 50 to $ 250 categories. Personal solicitations by the Museum Association are used to recruit and renew personal memberships in the $ 500 to $ 5,000 categories and corporate memberships.

CAM uses mailing and telephone lists obtained

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