Cognitive Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence in the Field of Organisation Behaviour.

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In bringing it back to organisations a manager who is to be effective in a modern organisation must harness Emotional Intelligence as another cognitive facet to cognitive concerns when completing projects for the organisation. “Emotions are precious assets for a leader when wisely used, and become a source of disruption if ignored” (Henry 2011). By incorporating interpersonal rapport they are likely to achieve better results with their teams. This approach has become an accepted new awareness in modern organisations.

Emotional Intelligence is also improved quite easily when compared to Cognitive Intelligence. An organisation that is crippled by a block in the flow of it's ideas can use the theories of Emotional Intelligence. It would acquire means to identify and fix information flow problems. In using Emotional Intelligence surveys, organisations have now been able to identify individuals who may have been inadvertently discouraging others to share ideas. Although there is no fixed recipe, four essential steps can be identified: “Assessing your present Emotional Intelligence level. Selecting one or two behaviours to work on. Practising these behaviours while putting elements of accountability in place. Assessing achievements.” (Henry 2011) Significant improvements can be made if an organisation implements Emotional Intelligence surveys. They can get a better understanding of Emotional

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