Coca Cola Social Media Case Study

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Coca-Cola was founded back in 1886 by an Atlanta pharmacist John Pemberton and his book keeper Frank Robinson. The two names the product after the two ingredients used, coca leaves and kola nuts. It wasn’t until 1891 where the product was made available in the United States after Asa Candler acquired the company and in 1898 to Canada and Mexico. Cocoa-Cola is sold in 206 countries and is labeled as the world’s number one selling soft drink brand. In addition to this, they make and or license more than 3,000 drinks and own four of the top five drinks sold around the world!
The case study I selected to do my assignment on is titled “Effectively incorporating social media: Case Study on Coca-Cola” by Laura Mayes. I believe that the key elements
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The company’s strategy involves going global, quality promises, targeting young minds, change of bottle designs and coke pump (Batra, 2009) This case study is focused on one marketing strategy. It discusses the importance of social media and its impact. Coca-Cola focuses its energy and resources to make sure that their consumers are HAPPY. In everything they do, they strive to seek what it is that makes and drives their consumers to happiness. Coca-Cola is a worldwide brand and has products in 206 countries. So in an effort to gather the right information, they put together a social media initiative in January, 2010 for three bloggers to travel all around the world, all-expense paid to gather information on what makes people happy. The finding of this marketing strategy was remarkable. Although the team did not get to travel to all 206 countries, they were able to capture valuable information about what keeps their consumers happy. They also were able to keep fans excited waiting for their next move. It was quoted that Expedition 206 was not only the company’s largest social media venture but one of the most successful (Mayes, …show more content…
The Coca-Cola Company does not experience any pressure from the individual buyer. The higher bargaining power of the Coca-Cola product is achieved due to the strong customer loyal brand. The company’s main competitor is Pepsi Company, which provides a wide range of beverage products under its brand. Coca-Cola and Pepsi stand out as the predominant carbonated beverages which are committed to sponsoring outdoor activities. The other brands have yet to achieve this

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