Coach : Good Afternoon David Essay

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Coach: Good afternoon David, how are you?

David: I am excellent, Coach! What about you?

Coach: I’m fine, thanks for asking. What makes you feel excellent today?

David: Everything is going very well at the office. We are working great as a team! We are finally on the same page about how to approach our challenges as a department and the results are obvious.

Coach: Congrats! I am happy to hear that! How did that happen?

David: I did extensive research on motivation in management and individual learning and processing styles, which helped me figure out what works with each person in my team. I tried new methods and they worked! I wish I had done this before!

Coach: Wow! Your hard work paid off. Congratulations again! What would you like to focus on today?

David: Thanks, Coach. I feel like we got to a good place, I just want us to stay there. I would like to focus on myself. My own performance.

Coach: What would you like to accomplish by the end of this session?

David: I would like to walk away with ideas about what can I do to keep the morale at our office.

Coach: Ok. That sounds close to your original goals. Three months ago when we started coaching your overall goals were to become a stronger leader, better listener and communicator, more connected with your team members, able to spot potential team and individual issues sooner, and use a more coach like approach to solve issues. You were also experiencing some frustration about specific team members. You definitely…

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