Analysis Of Sunrise At Campobello

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The film Sunrise at Campobello (1960) is a classic and pleasant documentary covering a very significant part of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s life. It is a quiet film that is not filled with action or great scenery, however, this allows the viewer to focus on the main point of the movie which is how Franklin and his family dealt with the onset of his polio. With that being said, this paper will delve into the accuracy of the interpersonal relationships of the four main characters as well as the correctness of events that occurred. The film opens up with the family arriving to Campobello Island, New Brunswick on August 10, 1921. During this time, Franklin D. Roosevelt contracts the illness that sets the stage for the remainder of the movie. The …show more content…
It is summer and the area is filled with wild flowers, laughing children, and a gorgeous house secluded from all distractions. The Roosevelt’s look like the perfect family enjoying a perfect vacation when in all actuality, just a couple years prior, a scandal occurred. Franklin D. Roosevelt was indeed caught by his wife in a love affair with social secretary Lucy Mercer in 1918 (“American Experience…”). Later research finds that this was not the only love affair that Roosevelt took part in. Another one worth mentioning, as it pertains to the same time frame that the film covered, is the alleged love affair with his secretary Marguerite ‘Missy’ LeHand (Smith, 2016). Many historians are divided on this but enough evidence was found to create a strong argument that the affair occurred. Although these infidelities ensued, Eleanor did remain by his side and was supportive though not in the way the movie entailed. Franklin and Eleanor’s relationship was more of a partnership and was summed up in this quote, “they were linked by indissoluble bonds but not lost in each other as husband and wife might sometimes be” (“American Experience…”). The affairs were truly a painful blow for Eleanor and impacted their marriage and relationship. However, the movie focused on more than just his marriage, it also emphasized how his mother and best friend Louis Howe contributed to his life and

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