Coach Carter Essay

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Coach Carter
(Based on a true story)

Submitted by: Pam McDonald
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Audience Rating: PG 13 Released: 2005 Studio: Paramount Pictures Genre: Drama Runtime: 136 minutes

Materials: VCR or DVD (preferred), television or projection system, Wildland Fire Leadership Values and Principles handouts (single-sided), notepads, writing utensils

Objective: Students will identify Wildland Fire Leadership Values and Principles illustrated within Coach Carter and discuss leadership lessons learned with group members or mentors.

Basic Plot: “In 1999, Ken Carter, a successful sporting goods store owner, accepts the job of basketball coach for his
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48:59 – 53:17 Coach Carter speaks with the team about the insulting use of the term “nigga.” Tells the senior players he feels they can play at the college level but the classroom comes first.

1:18:21 – 1:19:41 Coach Carter talks to players on the way home from winning the Bayhill Holiday Tournament and the party that ensued thereafter. Timo gives Coach Carter feedback on what he thought was the coach’s intent.

1:21:29 – 1:23:41 Coach Carter locks up the gym and cancels practices since many students are failing academically. “We have failed. We’ve failed each other.”

1:23:41 – 1:24:47 Interaction between Coach Carter and Principal Garrison regarding the removal of the lock and the principles behind his actions.

1:27:06 – 1:29:48 Team meeting in the library.

1:39:17 – 1:44:15 School board meeting to determine if the lock on the gym should be removed. Ethical dilemma between winning and learning. “Consider the message you are sending to these boys. Same as sending to pro athletes—they are above the law.”

1:44:15 – 1:47:33 Coach Carter and Principal Garrison discuss his leaving due to the message that is being sent. Players support Coach Carter. Team realizes that they had a contract and must become student athletes in order to get into college and have a better life. Timo gives his rendition of

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