Clinical Judgement And Decision-Making: Nursing And Interprofessional Healthcare

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Scientists, throughout the world are subject to critiques about how information and their findings are arranged and decided upon so people will actually benefit from them. It is very clear that it takes time to gather information needed to be able to help the communities and society. To understand how information is gathered in the nursing profession, we have to examine the technology and computer programs that nurses use. In our society technology, including computers has become the engine for how information is processed. Nurses use this computer technology because it`s faster and easier to look at everything that is related to a patient’s health. Even though computers are useful, we have to be more careful at putting our trust in information …show more content…
Decision-making and judgement play a significant role as performed by different healthcare professionals. They determine how their patients are treated. The reality can be achieved if nurses are content with working with computers and advanced technology while providing evidence-based care for their patients. In the book, Clinical Judgement and Decision-Making: Nursing and Interprofessional Healthcare by Standing Mooi, (1973), as quoted by Yura and Wash, “Healthcare involves addressing health problems and the nursing process well- established problem solving approach to systematically assess, diagnosis, plan, implement and evaluate individualized care using intellectual, interpersonal and technical skills [And] this is more effective when critical thinking skills are applied”. For instance, this also can relate to the case of whether or not a patient`s health condition or information can be considered truthful. For this reason, nurses look at different processes for intervention by assessing the information and data collection about the patient`s condition that they have gathered; by evaluating the information to make sure goals are met and by identifying patients` problems and strengths. They diagnose by identifying the patient`s symptoms and implement the best treatments to make the patient feel better. In addition, the patient needs to carry out the nurse`s orders .Lastly, a set of goals are required by both to ensure healthy outcomes for the

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