Essay about Climate Change And The Environment

2372 Words Nov 30th, 2016 10 Pages
In the contemporary times, there is a great concern and discussion about the source of energy used and the impact that they have on the environment. The concept of sustainability has also been raised in the course of such discussions where experts and analysts try to enhance the ability of future generations to live and exists without any challenge that might result from the present generation as a result of using the available resources including energy. Also, there is increased concern relating to human security and safety especially in the current times that the concern relates to climate change and globalization. They have been linked to the increased number of disasters events among other catastrophic events that have resulted in massive damage to property halting developments in many places as well as loss of lives in hundreds and thousands at times among other negative consequences that results from such catastrophic events related to climate change. The noted concerns mainly results from human pollution and contribution in the course of doing the various affairs in life. For example, as noted in industrial production activities, transportation sectors among others have, thus, compelled the discussion on the subject of energy. Hence, it is an alternative regarding energy use and type of energy available among other critical concerns for humanity. The subject and use of clean energy, thus, has been proposed by many experts due to the concerns noted related to pollution…

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