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The client that I chose for the case segment is a seventeen-year-old low middle-class Hispanic female. She is a junior in high school and works at Burger King. She lives with both her parents and three siblings. The Community Volunteers in Medicine (CVIM) referred the client to me. A medical doctor in the CVIM stated that the client seemed depressed due to family issues. The mother has also been worried about her daughter; thus, the medical doctor suggested that the client seek counseling.
The client stated she did not think she needed to be in counseling. The client mentioned that the doctor was concerned about her rapid weight gain and he asked her questions about how she was feeling. Both mother and doctor suggested she schedule an appointment
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LGBT individuals are not widely accepted in traditional Mexican culture. Father is typically the head of the household; however, it appears that the mother seems to make all the primary decisions. Father may not be participating in family activities because both client and mother have adapted to the American culture. Respecting the client’s culture and determining which culture the client identifies with the most will be beneficial in helping the client throughout the sessions. Furthermore, finding a balance where the client feels comfortable discussing her feelings towards her girlfriend and family is also important. Client’s feelings of depression and stress may emerge from unacceptance and possible confusion on her identity. Thus, discussing these sensitive topics based on her identity and culture may lead to the prevention of mental and emotional disorders. Furthermore, it is important to build a support system for the client where she feels …show more content…
For example, although she is overwhelmed with responsibilities, she is still able to go to school, maintain her grades, work, and care for her three siblings. She had the courage to confront her parents about her girlfriend. Moreover, she has been able to ask for permission to have the girlfriend sleep over. The strength of the session was that the client was able to talk throughout the session. Although the client stayed on the safe topic of school, she still managed to talk about other topics such as her girlfriend. The client did open up a little; however, it appeared she still felt uncomfortable talking about her relationship with her parents.
I would like to improve many areas, especially when seeing this client for another session. For the next tape, if I were to use this client, I would like to improve my use of therapeutic skills to help the client gain insight. It appears that the client has a lot more to talk about than just school. I would like to improve to help the client talk about her relationship with her parents. I would also like to improve my communication with the client so the client can feel comfortable discussing sensitive

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