Essay on Clean Eating Fat Is Not The Enemy

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You 've probably heard a lot in the media about clean eating. If you are wondering what it is and how it works, then check out this breakdown below to see if it is something you could work into your diet.



First of all, it 's important to realize that clean eating isn 't just another weight-loss method or diet, in the traditional sense. There is no weighing, measuring or points counting. Clean eating doesn 't involve meal replacements shakes, fasting or fat binding pills. In fact, in clean eating fat is not the enemy. It 's much more of a sustainable lifestyle change that is for the long-term, rather than another quick fix.

The basic premise of clean eating is that you cut out any processed or ‘dirty’ food and eat natural whole foods as much as possible.


What to Cut Out

We 're used to diets that ask us to remove certain food groups. Atkins says no carbs; slimming clubs ask us to remove or limit high fat items, Some diets even require that we eat nothing but cabbage soup! But humans aren 't built that way. They 're set up to enjoy variety, and restrictive eating plans need a lot of willpower after the first couple of days.

Clean eating is different. No particular food group is banned, rather it is about how the food is prepared. Food that is whole or unprocessed makes up the majority of the diet, and you are to limit and reduce processed foods.


Foods that need to be limited in clean eating include prepared meals, margarine, soda, chips,…

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