7 Day Detox Plan

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7-day detox plan

Why is it a good thing to detox? Now, a lot of people might look at detoxing as a waste of time, because you can simply go on a diet or even better change your eating habit by simply eating healthier. They might get a point, eating healthier might make things simpler. But, there’s one thing people shouldn’t ignore; adopting a healthier eating habit is not easy and most of the time people fail. Another thing is that when you follow a detox plan, you do what a dieting plan does, but faster. It shouldn’t take a genius to decipher the meaning behind “detox”. To put it in simple words, to detox means getting read of all the impurities in your body, which are toxins (also known as antigenic poison),
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What to know:
Before you begin your detox plan, there are certain things you should know. A detox plan is only effective if you eat the right food during the whole experience. You would want to capitalize more on catabolic food (food that burn fat faster) because they tend to make you burn more calories than other healthy anabolic food. Traci D Mitchell a personal trainer and weight loss coach identifies the following fruits and vegetables to include in your “detox shopping list”:
-Food high in Sulfur, which helps to remove toxins effectively: Brussel sprouts, garlic (a bulb of garlic).
-Food high in Glutathione a protein helping to detoxify the liver: Carrots, tomatoes, grapefruit, spinach, walnuts, avocadoes.
-Natural diuretic: Asparagus that she recommends eating when feeling bloated (to be consumed raw preferably).
The second thing you should take into consideration is that you might feel some discomfort or side effects at some point. It could happen from the early stages of the detox plan or later on. Doctor Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABPN, identifies the following side effects during the early stages of the detox plan particularly during the colon detox
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Another thing would be to use filtered water instead of tap water. Specialists like Doctor Sarah Gottfried MD, recommend that you filter your water before drinking it because of all the chemicals contained in it. In fact, the environment working group has found about 316 chemicals in tap water (these are mainly chemicals used to disinfect it).
One more thing, do not drink coffee, sodas or alcohol during the whole detox plan (otherwise it will ruin the whole purpose of detoxifying your system) and replace red meat with white meat (like organic chicken and turkey for instance), like recommended by doctor Alejandro Jungen, MD.
Now, let’s begin our detox plan, get ready to cleanse your body from all the processed food and unhealthy lifestyle that is slowly “killing your system” (by constantly making you sick or prone to infections). Just remember that all you need is the “right food” lots of water and of course

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