Classroom Technology

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Before the school year even begins, it is vital that teachers make the learning environment physically and emotionally safe, and at the same time conductive to learning for both students and teachers. The classroom environment should be accommodated in order for it is accessible to all learners. Aside from the physical being of the classroom, teachers need to address all health and safety issues in the classroom related to technology to ensure that all technology based issues are avoided and students will be able to focus and master their content.
When setting up a classroom for a new group of students, there are multiple factors to focus on regarding the set up. I found it to be helpful to draw out a classroom map beforehand, like the one included in my evidence in order for me to address any problems involving classroom layout before even setting up. My map is set up this way to give an ample amount of space and make supplies easily accessible to all students. There is plenty of space for students to
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Aside from bullying, which should be made clear that it is not allowed, students who have access to phones or computers are at high risk of online predators. It is important that teachers explain the dangers of giving away personal information as well as other internet safety rules. Using age appropriate decorations as well as grouping students at tables instead of desks can help build a family type classroom. In my classroom map, the students are seated in tables around the room to provide a group that each student can learn to rely on. Having reading or sharing circles or even having pillows and blankets available in the classroom, like the ones include in my evidence from my teachers Academy class, can make students feel comfortable and allow them to focus more in lessons, which ensures that they master the content

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