Civil And The Civil War Essay

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Civil or not? The Civil War occurred on 1861 in America and was fought for the American people and citizens. Although the war was fought for the citizens and was named ‘Civil’ only one group of the citizens, either the Union or the Confederate, won what they desired. So was the Civil War civil? Between the Union and Confederate existed several opposing opinions, which led to the Civil War. Some of these issues were the different types of economic structures, perceptions of equality and freedom, and the conflicting viewpoints on states rights and national powers.
Early in the 1800’s, sixty years before the war, the north had begun industrializing, but the south remained with an agrarian economy. While the north was building factories and railroads, the south concentrated on their cotton crops (Background, Doc A). By 1861, the south held 88% of the slave population, which worked the farms, and the north held 92% of the laborers, who worked in the factories (Doc B). With such contrasting economies and lifestyles, a line eventually formed to divide the United States in two. The south had all of the cotton in the country, but did not have the factories for production, and the north had most of the factories but did not have the cotton to manufacture goods. “Southerners. . . are compelled to go to the North for almost every article of utility and adornment. . . [because they] have no foreign trade”, however, the Northerners were also equally compelled to go to the South for…

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