Civil War Benefits

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Civil War

Did the costs of the Civil War end slavery and make America a better and safer nation for all Americans? Or, are we as Americans still fighting for equality? The Civil War acted as a catalyst for Americans and their human rights. It paved the way for equality for all under the law (Lincoln movie).

The Civil War was between the Confederates, the south, and the Union, the north. The Confederates were fighting to keep slaves as plantation workers. The Union wanted slaves to be freed and given rights under the law. According to Union Soldiers William F. Fox and Livermore in 1889, an estimated 620,000 soldiers were killed in battle, were starved, were disease ridden, or fell victim to accident or injury (Civil War Facts).
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Although the Civil war seems to have ended about 150 years ago, this quote of the Civil War is a quote that stands tall in the minds of many and it shall spread with the more people that read it. This quote says that the war has made the life of everyone nowadays the way that it is. If the war had not have happened or the Union had lost, the lives we live and the freedoms we enjoy might not exist. I am not convinced that slavery exists in the form that it once did but I am also not convinced that Americans are not still fighting for equality and

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