The Multiple Causes Of The American Civil War

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From vehement scholarly historians to the general public, the Civil War has struck great debates for many years. So, was the Civil War about slavery? Indeed it was. But to presume the notion that slavery alone was the preeminent cause of the United States Civil War is not a complete fulfillment, nor a clear depiction of history. Moreover, to simply adhere that the institution of slavery lived to be the birth and death of the war is considerably controversial to say the least. Multiple issues amid the North and South should neither be disregarded or enshrouded by the mere presence of slavery alone. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary in recognizing the multiple causes of the Civil War to reveal and understand the immediacy and complexity behind the goals and desires between the Union versus the seceding Confederacy. Prior to the bloodshed, various matters played prominent roles in shaping the war. Foremost, states rights ' were contested greatly. Consequently, the election of President Abraham Lincoln commenced the war. And tax disputes between the Secessionists and the Unionists reinforced tensions and strengthened divisions, while slave ownership …show more content…
But it is quite apparent that many other matters played important roles in forming the civil war. A culmination of factors including the election of President Abraham Lincoln incited the onset of the war. Tax disputes farther posioned the relationship between the North and South and deepened disparity. The South were infuriated by the believe that the Union were infringing on there states ' rights during which played a great deal in southern secession. Lastly, there were great indication that slave labor was on the decline and inevitabely vanquished. In hindsight, the Civil War is far more complex than the solidarities of

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