Cigarette Smoking And Its Effect On Society Essay example

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Each year there are about 480,000 people who die from smoking and about 41,000 of those deaths are caused by exposure to second hand smoke (CDC). Even with statistics like these, there are people out there that continue to smoke or even consider starting. A person may ask “what pull does cigarette smoking have on society and why do people continue to smoke?” For one thing, cigarette ads, especially back in the day, glamorized the whole concept of smoking. They gave off the idea that a person can become as attractive as a runway model or as popular as a celebrity and they can even receive the attention of the opposite sex just by smoking that specific brand of cigarettes. This is so with the ad for Tipalet brand cigarettes. When the audience looks at the ad, the first thing they notice would be the woman and she is clearly beautiful. With brown hair that is just below her shoulder and is expertly pulled back and out of her face, so perfect that not a single strand of hair dare be out of place. Her lashes are long and curl at just the right place and would make any woman go green with envy. Her eyebrows are exceptionally done with not a single strand of hair growing out of place, giving her those perfectly arched eyebrows that most people strive to achieve. The makeup is expertly placed on her face, accentuating her dark brown eyes and her high cheek bones. She is dressed in a white, low, V-neck tank top that shows off her cleavage. A person could tell that the woman is on…

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