Should Cigarettes Be Banned Research Paper

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Should cigarettes and other tobacco products be outlawed Cigarettes are considered a great invitation by many people, also considered the worst and the most dangerous invitation in the 20th century. The Center for Disease Control said smoking causes lung cancer in 90 percent of lung cancer patients. Additionally, the CDC says that smokers are 15 to 30 times more likely to get lung cancer or die from lung cancer than non-smokers.(From Internet). The origins of modern tobacco control are in the Europe, especially in German. At this late hour, anti-smoking campaigns happen all over the world. Because of the harm of cigarettes, a number of people ask their husbands, fathers, sons, friends to quit smoking. Not only do they want their concerned person to keep healthy, but also smoking bothers them too. Unfortunately, even after warnings from friends and loved ones, the advice of the doctor, some people still start smoking and later find it is difficult to quit. Cigarettes and other tobacco should be products outlawed, because smoking does harm to our bodies, cigarettes are experiencing, and smoking is bad for those who around you. Many people say it would be fine because they are occasional smokers. However, smoking is always endangering your bodies every second. It is primarily the tar in cigarette smoke that does the most damage to the lungs, which is the main point to get cancer of the lungs or cancer of the larynx. There is no doubt that …show more content…
However, I believe nobody can afford the cost of the whole life, cigarettes not only cost smokers lots of money but make them get a high risk to get cancer of the lung, which can kill people easily. Smokers often smoke when they lose their heart and under heavy pressure, they argue that they need cigarettes to paralysis themselves and get a little piece of time to breath. I believe that smoke alone cannot help get a relief

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