Should Cigarettes Be Banned Essay

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Did you know that cigarettes are responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the
United States. 53,800 of those deaths are from secondhand smoke exposure alone. This is about 1,300 deaths a day, this number is growing at an alarming rate. Did you know that on average people who smoke die 10 years earlier than people who do not smoke. So the question is should cigarettes be banned, in my personal opinion they should be, because they not only kill the person smoking them, but also the people around them.
People who smoke are more likely to develop severe health issues, such as Cancer and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The risk of developing lung cancer while smoking is fifteen to thirty times higher than those who do not smoke.
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Another social aspect of smoking is how it affects you physically. Smoking is bad for you in so many ways. But especially your looks. For instance, smoking may cause your teeth to become yellow and also may cause your fingernails and skin to become yellow. Increases the chance of tooth decay and may cause people to lose teeth earlier. Smoking also causes you to have a bad cough, which may cause people not to want to be around you. It also causes your skin to wrinkle which may cause your self confidence to go down. Causes you to have bad breath, which makes people not want to be close to you and maybe even make them not want to kiss you. The worst thing of all, is it interferes with your sex life. Which is something that everyone wants to have a healthy one. So if you have a bad sex life it could cause you to have a bad attitude or maybe even mood swings because your not getting satisfied. Smoking also causes your senses of smell and taste to worsen. Your athletic ability worsens a lot when you smoke. Causing your physical health to be bad. ("- Teen Smoking")
In conclusion, smoking affects you in many different ways. Including health, physically and also your confidence. There are many health issues and physical issues that smoking can cause. So, since all this information has been given. What do you think? Should smoking be

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