The Dangers Of Smoking

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I will quit tomorrow or this is my last one. Theses are the open statements made on a daily basis by cigarette smokers. (Brownlee and Roberts) “Without cigarette breaks, smokers could gain a month 's work each year.” Cigarette smoking has been around for decades, despite all the advertisement stating that smoking is bad for your health, people can be seen on the outside of their jobs taking a break with a pack of cigarette. I can remember taking up a pack of cigarette a family member left carelessly only to see in bold that smoking kills. This brought me to the point of why bother to smoke. (Brownlee and Roberts). “The dangers attributed to cigarettes moved to a menacing new plane recently when
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Smokers feel they have a right to do what makes them happy or comfortable, despite what the public feels about how unsafe it is for the human body. (Dangers of Smoking). “You continue to inhale smoke further until it paralyzes the protective lining and crumples your lungs and then your immune system.” “Smoking eases my nerves when I’m having a bad day.” “Smoking pulls me away from the stress and worries of life.” these statements often grant solace for smokers, they believe that smoking temporarily relieves their stress. (Dangers of Smoking) “The toxins in smoke can cause lung disorders like emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchitis, and significant reduction in lung functioning.” While for them this might be true, the long term effects in their head will be dealt with when the time …show more content…
(How Does Smoking Affect the Respiratory System) Smoking introduces tar particles into the respiratory system and not only stains the teeth and fingernails, but also leaves a residue on the delicate lung tissue. Carcinogen benzopyrene in tar is a cancer trigger. Cigarettes destroy the respiratory system and leads to death if not brought to medical attention. Smokers fail to give a solid reason why they smoke so that simple means they’re committing suicide without the knowledge of it. (How Does Smoking Affect the Respiratory System) Hydrogen cyanide is another toxic substance that enters the respiratory system through smoking. It damages the lung-clearance-system and facilitates the build up of hydrocarbons, nitrous oxides and oxidizing agents within the lungs. The reactive chemicals damage the blood vessels and the heart, leading towards heart disease and

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