Essay about Chronic Illness : A Disease That Persists For A Long Time

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A chronic illness is a disease that persists for a long time. There are numerous chronic diseases in the world, many of which are the leading causes of death. At any time, 50% of the population has some sort of a chronic condition. My grandfather is a part of this population, and suffers from type 2 diabetes. Having a chronic disease impacts an individual’s life heavily. In addition chronic diseases can also affect the family and friends of the sufferer as well.
My grandfather has had type 2 diabetes for four years now. When asking him what symptoms he experiences with this disease he said, the majority of the time he has had no symptoms. When he first found out about his condition he went to the doctor’s office for symptoms of blurry vision and being extremely tired all of the time. He also said he was noticing he was urinating more frequently than usual. That day, they ran blood tests and found my grandfather had a blood sugar level of 300 mg/dl, which is very high and indicates that diabetes is out of control. Now, he says the only symptom he gets is occasional headaches that let him know his blood sugar is up or down.
Diabetes is a demanding disease, so it can affect a person’s life in many ways. For my grandfather, he is constantly aware of the way he feels so he knows when his blood glucose levels are low or really high, which could potentially add to his stress. On top of that, he said there is always a worry in the back of his mind that he might develop other…

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