Diabetes Effects On Family

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Do you have a family member with Type 1 diabetes? If so, have you taken time to reflect how it is affecting your own life physically and emotionally? For those who answered yes to the first question particularly, it is possible that it affects you more than you have realized. Diabetes can affect anyone, maybe your mother, father, or even a sibling. “Worldwide, T1D affects millions of adults and at least 440,000 children under the age of 14, with 70,000 being diagnosed each year.” [1] This disease is usually detected during childhood but will face diabetics their entire life. If someone close to you suffers from this disease, it has taken a toll on you and those in your family as well. When a person in any household suffers from diabetes, most, if not all immediate family as well as distant family members will also suffer and become weary because of it. Family becomes more aware of and overprotective in many instances. It may also cause a sense of compassion which sometimes is misconcepted as pity by those who suffer with this misfortune themselves.

Type 1 Diabetes
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Not only does it affect you during childhood but for their entire life. “High levels of family involvement and support contribute to successful management of a rigorous diabetes regimen.”[34] It is best to make sure that you can involve your family in your diabetes, it will help to build bonds and help for you to gain trust in one another, helping you at a physiological level as well. “[Based] on my clinical experience, patients who are able to involve their families are certainly more open to discussing their diabetes and want the assistance of family members so that there is an open dialogue.” said Dr.

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