Christian Catholic Charity Organization : A Better Place Full Of Peace And Happiness

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Despite who one is, or what they have done, Christians are called to reach out to everyone and make a difference in their lives. Through the Christian Catholic charity organization, Share Life, a positive difference in the community is made, through following the words Jesus gave for his children. Share Life is able to cherish everyone from birth until death through their variety of helping hands and creative thinking to make a change. Share Life will always have a solution ranging from helping youth make friends and grow as people, to simply providing support to seniors in the hard world and anyone living in poverty. Through the Share Life organization, the world can become a better place full of peace and happiness.
Share Life is a Catholic organization developed in 1976 by Archbishop Philp Pocok to provide care to everyone in the community. Share Life started operating in Toronto based on donations provided by people of the community and remains to do so today. The organization started with eight different agencies participating in a variety of charity work. Each agency is responsible for a different task to provide help to everyone who urges for it. In the beginning in the first four days with eight agencies, they received $100,000 worth of donations, three weeks later $178,000 was achieved. (McBride, 2012). As time went on, more agencies continued contributing with a total of forty agencies today. Today, these agencies are helping about 104, 000 people with 581,000…

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