Chrissy Jackson Research Paper

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The Life of Chrissy Jackson
November 20th 1998, a very intelligent, quiet, shy girl was born. She entered the world not knowing that life would be a confusing mist for her. She would witness changes in her life that she didn’t quite understand. Changes that made her into the woman she is today. A woman of God, courage, determination and faith. Most importantly, a woman who learned to love herself.

One night me and my mother was arguing over something and from that moment everything went left. She was fussing, I was fussing and we didn’t even bother to listen to each other. Next thing I know, my mom had her hands around my throat and she was choking me. Literally choking me with her hands, I was trying to move her hands and breathe because
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I was making achievements and accomplishing goals that I made at the age of seventeen. One day I was at the love of my life’s concert, Trevor jackson. We met backstage and it was love at first sight. After being together for two years, we finally tied the knot. I was finally happy. During my life I was never happy because I’ve always felt that nobody wanted me. Boys only wanted one thing, ¨sex¨ and when I didn’t give it up, they were mad and titled me as being a ¨boring girl¨. Now that I found someone that’s for me, I’m beyond blessed and grateful. We considered having children, but I was still pondering about that. At this point in my life, I was finally in a calm stage. I’ve succeeded in my goals and even got a bonus. I was at church one day and that was the absolute best day of my life. My husband and I gave our life to the Lord. It was an amazing feeling because I didn’t want to die and lose my soul. Our relationship had everything. Love, trust, chemistry, courage and the best thing yet, God. We didn’t plan on having children yet, we wanted to focus on our careers. I went to the doctor and she shocked me. She said “ Mrs. Jackson, you’re two months pregnant”. We were ecstatic. Seven months later, a healthy baby boy was born, Devonte Le’Shawn Jackson. As I look back at my life, I’m grateful for the trials and tribulations I’ve been through. It made me into the person I am

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