Chris Zaremba 61-Year-Old Case Study

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Chris Zaremba, 61-year-old resident from West London, all his life used to be lazy person, but met retirement running on all four cylinders. During the regular medical examination, standing on the scales and looking at the number 18 stone on it, Chris Zaremba hardly heard what the doctor was saying. Excessive weight, high body mass ratio, breathlessness and the creepiest warning of doctor if Chris doesn’t take immediate action, he probably will not drag out for another five years.
Weighing 18 stone, with height almost 6ft, 50-year-old IT-worker was slumping and gasping for air, covering even short distance. Chris realized his couch-potato lifestyle played a low-down trick with him.
As many other office workers of sedentary job Chris wasn’t above takeaways and fuel business lunches, in addition
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Chris at his 55 joined the ranks of so necessary over-50s personal trainers, setting up which very soon gained traction across the older people willing to keep theirself in good shape. Most of them didn’t believe it is possible to do weight training in their age, but Chris consulted them how such physical activity could help boost energy saving, build up muscles and make joints more flexible, and prevent such diseases as arthritis, osteoporosis, and dementia.
Chris considers his benefit as a trainer is that he is proof himself that weight training is available for any age if there is somebody who keeps your training under control. At his 60s Chris’ metabolic age equal to 35, though being 10 years younger his body’s capacity was closer to 70-year-old man.
Now Chris looks into the mirror with proudness, he can easily overcome stairs and carry heavy bags after shopping. Even friends stopped recognizing him, some of them thought they separated with Jenny and she lived with a new man. At his 60s Chris is happy and proud of his

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